ReleaseNotes for VBMEG Version 1.0-2-a-0

Release Notes for VBMEG Version 1.0-2-a-0

Changes from version 1.0-1-a-0

* New features

  1. We replaced YOKOGAWA library with new one.
    The YOKOGAWA library functions for importing YOKOGAWA MEG data into MATLAB are also included in the following directory.

    These programs are p-compiled version of MATLAB functions and these library functions are kindly provided by YOKOGAWA Co.
    Official version should be downloaded from their webpage.

    MEX file format and P-file format were changed from MATLAB7.5(R2007b). and this library is p-compiled by MATLAB7.5, Therefore, the supported version of MATLAB is MATLAB7.5 or later.

* Bug fixes

  1. fixed a bug which an error is encountered in vb_load_device function if Measurement field does not exist.
  2. fixed a bug which an error is encountered in vb_load_meg_info function if given MEG-MAT file is old format.