ReleaseNotes for VBMEG Version 1.0-1-a-0

Release Notes for VBMEG Version 1.0-1-a-0

Changes from version 1.0-0-a-0

* New features

  1. A trial extraction GUI for MEG/EEG data was added(command: vb_trial_extractor).
    See the documentation: $VBMEG/functions/doc/trial_extractor_(ja|en).pdf
  2. MEX binaries for windows were recompiled(MATLAB R2011b/Visual C++ 2010/Windows7) to adapt to newer environments.
    You need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redestributable Package (x86/x64) on your system.
    see the following URLs.
    for x86: vcredist_x86.exe:
    for x64: vcredist_x64.exe:
  3. vb_import_fsannot_file.m: Import an annotation file of FreeSurfer into a cortical area file.
  4. Several new functionalities were added to GUI of job_plot_currentmap (plot cortical activity and areas).
    * [Loaded files] dialog became modal and showing information made better.
    * Plot figures in PNG format, improve usability of data load dialog
    * Plot cortical areas with appropriate colors.
  5. In Leadfield calculation GUI, users can edit “Leadfield file” freely.
  6. Added vb_job_leadfield_extra_eeg function which estimates the extra dipole.
  7. vb_load_sensor can return ‘AXIAL’ or ‘PLANAR’ or user-specified sensors.
  8. In a case of being called vb_load_meg_data for MEG with new_file and without load_spec, the loaded data will be stored internally.
  9. vb_load_meg_data for EEG can store the loaded data internally.
  10. Font unit of GUIs are changed to “Normalized”. This modification improves usability of low-definition display.

* Bug fixes

  1. Fixed problems of DICOM to Analyze/NIfTI conversion function.
    In some cases, convert_dicom_nifti doesn’t work correctly.
    case 1)Subject name in DICOM file is including character “-“.
    case 2)Under Mac/Linux, the number of slices are more than 150.
  2. Fixed a problem of current estimation parameters. In the previous version, bayes_parm.megfile_baseline had been overwritten with bayes_parm.megfile. This can be problematic for advanced users trying to run vb_job_vb.m from a batch script.
  3. Fixed a bug in vb_job_grandaverage.m. An error might occurred depending on the reduce parameter.
  4. Fixed a bug in time points of cortical current files. In some cases time points was wrong in the previous version.
  5. In job_plot_meg, a problem to stop with an error message “The number of instances of ‘plot_meg’ GUIs reaches the maximum number.”, which is not true, has been fixed.
  6. In job_plot_currentmap, a bug to show mapping data wrongly when moving trial has been fixed.
  7. Fixed a bug that a GUI is closed unintentionally.
  8. Fixed a bug that vb_load_meg_data is aborted when passing following files:
    * .eeg.mat file which was made by importing without .pos.mat file
    * minimum format and ‘INFO’ type file.
    * minimum format .eeg.mat file
  9. Fixed a bug that vb_load_sensor is aborted when the MEG-MAT file is made by importing Neuromag data.
  10. Fixed a bug that vb_load_meg_info is aborted when passing a minimum format .eeg.mat file.

Matlab toolbox for importing Neuromag data

* Bug fix

– The way of transform from neuromag coordinate system into vbmeg coordinate system was changed. Because of this, the argument(analyze_file) for the function “neuromag_to_megmat” was abolished.