• Users manual
    This document describes the general processing steps of VBMEG, function reference,  data visualization method, FAQ etc.
  • Basic tutorial
    This tutorial is for the beginner of VBMEG. Using the graphical user interface (GUI), this tutorial demonstrates the procedures from importing raw MEG to source imaging.
  • Advanced tutorial
    VBMEG allows us to reveal signal flows between brain regions. Using scripts, this tutorial demonstrates the procedures from importing raw EEG and MEG through source imaging to creating movies displaying the signal flows.
  • Easy VBMEG Tutorial
    This tutorial is for the case where structural MRI and sensor locations are not available. Using scripts, this tutorial demonstrates the procedures from importing raw EEG to source imaging by substituting a subject’s structural MRI and sensor locations with the standard ones.
  • Neuromag Tutorial
    This tutorial guides through the procedure from importing Neuromag MEG/EEG data to a group analyses of source currents and a connectome dynamics estimation.

Previous Releases

Old releases of VBMEG can be seen from here.


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